Meditation Cushion

In Eastern cultures, people have, for centuries, been sitting on the floor or on cushions on the floor. As a general rule, people who live in these cultures tend to be very flexible, limber, and do not have the back problems that are so prevalent in America.

Sitting in a chair, if not done correctly, is one of the most damaging things we can do to our backs. We come to rely on the chair itself to support us,  which actually stresses our back muscles, contracts our anterior muscles, and compromises our natural alignment.

In Zen meditation, we are taught not to lean on anything, but to hold ourselves erect, relying instead on the perfect structure of our body to hold us up. These meditation cushions , or "zafus" are designed to help us sit correctly with our spines erect for long periods of time, if so desired.

You will often find a collection of zafus in an established meditation room or "zazen".  With your own zafu, you can practice sitting anywhere, finding the natural alignment of your bones and muscles, and thereby enhancing the sublime experience of inner stillness
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